The Ninth Wave
Daryll Dobson, Shree SundarKumar, Neyveli RadhaKrishna, B. Sivaraman
Daryll Dobson
Acoustic Guitar and Composer
New Frontiers in Double Violin
Shree SundarKumar
The Master of the Kanjira

The Ninth Wave - 2013 CD Release

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East Meets West in The Ninth Wave. Produced by Shree SundarKumar and Daryll Dobson. Shree Sundar Kumar on Kanjira and Composer Neyvelli RadhaKrishna on Double Violin and Sivaraman on Mridangam join Daryll on Acoustic Guitar and Synth to create very new music!

“The Ninth Wave” is a wonderful story of friendship and a musical collaboration that uses the latest communications and recording technologies to produce a new “hybrid” musical style based on American Jazz and Indian Classical Music.

Who Is The Ninth Wave?

Daryll Dobson - Producer, Guitarist And Composer - Daryll Dobson has studied extensively in NYC with Avant-Garde Jazz Multi Instrumentalist and Composer Makanda Ken McIntyre, Jazz Drummer, Percussionist and Composer Warren Smith.Daryll has recorded and/or performed with Stanley Turrentine. L. Shankar, Kenny Kirkland, Kenwood Dennard, Fernando Saunders, Tony "Thunder" Smith, Gerry Brown, Ricky Sebastian, Delmar Brown, Gabriel Vivas. Over 200 Stations International and USA have played and featured DD Recordings.

We really love your stunning in your face Fusion Jazz, the style is powerful and straight to the point, delivered in a strong take no prisoners style. Never compromising in any way, it is marvelous and our audiences most certainly will love the sound! PETER MERRITT PBS FM-AUSTRALIA

Untamed Explosive Guitar Fantasia...Hendrixian Flights Of Feedback - Downbeat Magazine

Shree Sundar Kumar - Producer, Kanjira And Composer

B. Shree Sundarkumar has established himself as one of the foremost Laya Vadhya Artists of our time with a high reputation. After the initial tutelage under his father, a renowned Mridangam player Dr. K. B. S Mani, he started his training from Maestro Guru Kaaraikudi Sri R. Mani. He has been performing all over India and abroad since then. He is an ‘A’ Grade Artist in the All India Radio. 


Neyvelli RadhaKrishna - Double Violin And Composer

An exceptional artist who has developed a unique style of playing violin, a seasoned South Indian classical violinist working with legendary musicians in the field of Western music in different parts of the globe. Fantastic and poignant violin …. Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Virtuous and soulful violin ..... Jonas Hellborg

B. Sivaraman - Mridangam

Born on June 6, 1972, B. Sivaraman hails from a family of musicians.†He learned Mridangam from Kumbakonam Sri Rajappa Iyer and has been†a prime disciple of Sangeetha Kalanidhi Shri T. K. Murthy since 1987.

Sivaraman has performed extensively all over the world and collaborated with many stalwarts including Tabla expert Zakir Hussain.

He has been awarded as A-Grade Artist in All India Radio.